My name is Merr Watson…


A three year seasoned drone pilot and content creator born in the Philippines and currently based in Perth,Western Australia.

I am a travel advocate who has a huge passion for film and photography.

Nothing excites me more than creating unique content on my travels and getting people to really experience the beauty of a place vicariously through my travel videos.

Specialising in landscape, travel and aerial photography, my work has been featured from reputable brands including DJI, From Where I Drone, Moodygrams, Polar Pro, Airvuz and many more on their social media accounts and websites.

I also run a lifestyle based business with three other entrepreneurs where we provide like-minded individuals the necessary tools, training and resources to help one gain the skills of digital marketing which will enable them to either start an online business or grow an existing one.

My passion for aerial photography has led me to establish a side business selling my aerial prints, Lightroom presets as well as client video work alongside my online business.

Learn more about my story by watching my Airvuz Interview.


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